8 Travelling Mistakes To Avoid in 2020

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Travelling mistakes

There’s no doubt, that planning a successful trip can be complicated, and for the most, tiring and tasking; yet the joy that follows is enough to compensate for all the troubles.

We all love to explore the world, learn about new cultures, places, and people. But these experiences come with its fair share of troubles; hassles from finding the right price to fit your pocket, dealing with all the elaborate arrangements: booking flights, to lodgings, organizing passport, visas; coupled with handling airport regulations and checks.

Truly, it can be such an overwhelming activity. So, this is why we chose to help out. Yes!

We have painstakingly compiled ten mistakes you should avoid before traveling.

Note that these tips were collated from travelers’ experiences, over the last few months. So, be sure, that We are in touch with the time on anything travels and touring the world.
So, let’s delve in now!

 Mistakes we make Before Travelling

1. Flight date and time

travelling mistakes

One of the biggest travelling mistakes you’d make, or any traveler for that matter, while preparing to embark on a trip is, failing to check, and triple check flight date and time. Trust me, it’s always disastrous. You wouldn’t want to go through a horrible experience.

Failure to check your flight’s date, time, and departure airport can lead to missing flights, arriving at the wrong departure airport, and even long stopovers.

In many cities, where there are two or more airports, airlines may choose to book your departure from a different airport other than the one on your flight ticket.

So, this is why you’d need to be doubly sure of the arrangements before your departure date.

2. Too Much Luggage

travelling mistakes

Airline operators now charge fairly exorbitant rates on luggage, most, One of the biggest travelling mistakes you’d make, or any traveler for that matter, while preparing to embark on a trip is, failing to check, and triple check flight date and time.even charge close to $10 on small bags. Worst still if your luggage exceeds the weight limit, they’d surely extract a heavy penalty from you. Let’s even forget the cost for a moment, what about hurling heavy luggage,over-packed with unnecessary stuff, through airport security and airports teeming with people, that, I assure you is another nightmare.

The goal is to live a little, carefree, and away from worries from work, spouses, family,etc., and not to burden yourself.

You don’t need all that stuff? Trust me. You’d be more free and relaxed without all that them.Remember,it’s a v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n! Yaay!

There is also the mistake of failing to review the rules for what you’re allowed to carry in your luggage. This is particularly crucial, for gels and liquids. Airline rules can be erratic and you wouldn’t want to trash a value cosmetic or possession because you’re not allowed to board your flight with it.

3. Traveling without Travel Medical Insurance

travelling mistakes

Life throws shit at will, and unannounced too. Accidents, disasters, or even a sudden illness may and can happen to anyone, regardless of their age, or health status.

A travel medical insurance is as important as your flight ticket, especially if you’re traveling to countries where medical care is on the high side.

For instance, traveling to the United States, where a regular medical checkup or even a medical emergency, like a sprained ankle, can rip you off substantial amounts, something close to $15,000.

So, we advise that you get travel insurance, immediately after you book your flight ticket, it guarantees you some sort of insurance; something to fall back on, in the event of any eventuality.

4. Over-scheduling

travelling mistakes

Traveling is exciting and there is no better way to ruin that excitement than scheduling so many activities, plans, and to-dos all at once.

Over-planning things and cramming them into a few day execution schedule would amount to too many activities before your departure date, and it may potentially ruin your wonderful travel experience.

Take out time and plan things very well, to avoid the last-minute rush, that may leave you unprepared and unorganized for that trip.

Be sure that, you have all activities laid out, before your departure date.

5. Failure to Check Visa Requirements

travelling mistakes

Another silly travelling mistakes you’d make for that trip is to forget to check your visa requirement before leaving for that trip.

Some countries would require an outbound ticket before they allow you into the country, many others would require your passport to be valid for six months before you’re eligible to be issued a visitor’s or tourist’s visa.

The six months validity on your passport is necessary, even if you’re staying for just a week.

So, a knowledge of your visa requirement will save you all these troubles on time.

6. Failure to take holidays into account

travelling mistakes

Another mistake you should never make is a failure to take into consideration, the holidays at the destination you’re traveling to.

Many travelers have done this more often than they care to admit.

For instance, if you’re traveling to Nigeria, during the Christmas holidays, you’re sure to be faced with transportation issues as you’d have a tough time finding buses, that’s if you choose to use public transportation. Car rental services, on the other hand, may not be so cool, because they’d be overpaid.

And in the major big cities like Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, you might find that restaurants are closed because operators traveled for the holidays.

So, you must research and find out about the local holidays in the destination you’re planning to travel to, to avoid frustrations.

7. Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

travelling mistakes

Traveling during off-peak seasons will cost you more than is necessary, except you’re willing to spend that much.

Off-peak seasons are usually crowded, which would ultimately ruin your goal of having a quiet time with just yourself.

You can’t possibly get away from family, work, and all the noise at home to slip into another maze.

If you can help it, schedule that trip during shoulder seasons, it is much cheaper, with fewer people, and your chances of getting a fairly cheap accommodation are guaranteed too.

Now, you see why you may need to rethink that trip. If it is not urgent, important, or for professional reasons, then it can wait for a little, unless of course, you’re ready to go all the way, to rock that adventure boat at any cost.

8. Frustration at the inability to speak the local language

travelling mistakes

We have seen visitors and tourists having a bad day over the seeming failure of locals to converse in fairly good English.

It is a mistake most travelers make, which in some kind of way, hinders their ability to socialize, have fun and mingle with the local people.

Traveling is part of education. And it can be a way to grow by gaining new knowledge about things, culture, languages, etc., and generally experimenting with other cultures.

So next time you travel, try to blend in and familiarize yourself with the local people it gives you an all-round experience of that trip.

We hope you found travelling mistakes tips helpful. If you did, let us know in the comment section below.

Have fun, while on that trip!

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