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Are you planning a trip to Phoenix and looking for a comprehensive Phoenix Travel Guide? Then look no farther. We’ve got you covered, as we hope to discuss a whole lot of topics in this article.

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona is renowned for its mildly hot, yet humid and harsh climate.

It is a perfect getaway destination for most travelers who are familiar with snowy and cold climate.

The city’s uniquely wonderful sun-kissed weather is one of the things that lure visitors to this part of Arizona.

We hope that this Phoenix Travel Guide will help you plan your travel itinerary, especially if you’re still uncertain about what to do and where to go.


Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to Phoenix

#1 Currency

phoenix travel guide

The official currency in use in Phoenix is the United States dollar.

While planning a trip to Phoenix, do not forget to bring your credit and debit cards as they are accepted nearly everywhere in the city.

You will also have no trouble locating  ATMs around the city, as they are widely available everywhere in the city.


#2 Weather

phoenix travel guide

Phoenix is known for its arid climate that is usually long and very hot; unbearably hot summers and mild winter seasons.

Phoenix has the highest average temperature when compared to other metropolitan cities in the United States of America.


#3 Airports

phoenix travel guide

Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport is the city’s busiest air route to Arizona.

The Sky Harbor International Airport is located in Eastern Phoenix about 5 kilometers downtown.


#4 Travel Insurance

phoenix Travel guide

Just like we advise for every travel destination, make sure you get travel insurance before that getaway to Phoenix.

Travel insurance covers not just the costs of medical expenses but also theft and loss of valuables, especially for a city like Phoenix that is renowned for violent crimes and natural disasters.

You can also read more about what travel insurance covers.


So…Phoenix Travel Guide!

Let’s delve right in!


What Is The Best Time To Visit Phoenix?

The deserts of Phoenix, Arizona, is most likely never going to give away its weather changes, unlike the usual places.

Here, in Phoenix, you may never find the leaves shedding off its colors or the usual seasonal changes that commonly occur at each time of the year.

Yet a change in temperature can be felt by all, in this city.

So, if you don’t fancy the warm and cold seasons, but prefers the dry, sizzling heat of November through April, then that’s the best time to travel to Phoenix.

The weather in Phoenix is so funny, that more often than not, while the rest of the U.S is immersed in snow and quivering cold, the city is the exact opposite.

And for the local people, it is the best time to go outdoors and immerse themselves in the sunny weather of the season.

The locals call it the “snowbird season” and this period is often followed by a hike in prices, as a result of the high demand.

For the best travel offers to Phoenix, we advise that you book three to four months in advance.

You’re sure to get cheaper travel rates when you book beforehand.


What Are The Best Places To Visit In Phoenix?

Like we hinted earlier, Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, therefore the epicenter of the city.

And if you’ve been looking to travel to Phoenix, but a little confused about the best places to visit in Phoenix, here are a few wonderful touristy areas, you should not fail to include in your Phoenix to-see bucket list.

These spots are amazing and you should never miss them.

Here are three top places you should never fail to visit while in Phoenix.


• See The Taliesin West

phoenix travel guide

This spot is located in Scottsdale, an area of Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the most popular touristy areas to see in Scottsdale, near Phoenix.

Taliesin West is home to the school of architecture of the famous architect Frank L. Wright.

It is located underneath the McDowell Mountains, with the school doubling as the headquarters for Frank L. Wright’s Foundation.

The grandeur of the school is made even more captivating with its entire structure constructed with rubblestone and redwood.

A drive from Phoenix, through 12345, North Taliesin Drive, Scottsdale will bring you face to face with this magnificent structure.


• Visit The Desert Botanical Garden

phoenix travel guide

If you think that the cacti can only survive in the desert, then you are wrong as the Desert Botanical Garden will show you why.

Desert Botanical Garden overstretches 140 acres of land and houses over 10,000 varieties of plants.

The place employs over 1,200 gardeners to manage the place.

The garden has various kinds of vegetation plants from all over the world as well as the cacti plant in varieties.

A trip to Phoenix isn’t complete without visiting the Desert Botanical Garden.

You will find this amazing garden at 1201, North Galvin Parkway, Phoenix.


• Check Out The Phoenix Art Museum

phoenix travel guide

For an art collector, a visit to Phoenix isn’t complete without visiting this amazing place.

For a peek into the culture and history of Phoenix, the Phoenix Art Museum is the place.

The museum houses most of Arizona’s modern and contemporary works in art, crafts, fashion design, and live performances from artists.

It was founded in the year 1959, and ever since the museum has exhibited most of the unique pieces of art, in all of Arizona.

Its yearly exhibitions also showcase some of the exquisite pieces of art from around the world.

You’ll find the Phoenix Art Museum around 1625, North Central Avenue, Phoenix.

It’s a never-miss for tourists who’d love to have an unforgettable travel experience from their Phoenix trip.


What Are The Best Areas To Stay In Phoenix Arizona?

Memorable travel experience is a function of so many factors, of which accommodation is one of them.

Your choice of place to stay in any travel destination could make up your travel experience.

This is why you must research the best places to stay, before embarking on that trip to forestall disappointments associated with staying in areas that do not suit your taste.

This is why we deemed it fit to discuss in this section, the best places to stay while in Phoenix, Arizona.


#1: Lodge in The Hermosa Inn

phoenix travel guide

Hermosa Inn is one of the best areas to stay in Phoenix Arizona.

It is located at the center of the Valley, a few minutes from Scottsdale Phoenix.

As one of the choicest hotels in town, it is usually over-booked all year round.


#2: Check Out The Found Re Phoenix

phoenix travel guide

For comfort and world-class hospitality while on that Phoenix vacation, check out the Found Re Phoenix.

Found Re Phoenix is located in the Roosevelt Row district of Phoenix, with all the furnishings and coziness every tourist would crave for.

It offers an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and wonderful restaurants, to make your Phoenix travel experience a memorable one.


#3: Stay In Kimpton Hotel Palomar

phoenix travel guide

Another top-notch place to stay while in the city is the Kimpton Hotel Palomar.

The hotel is located in the Phoenix Cityscape, with an amazing rooftop pool and bar, one of its allure. Here are Five Stops To Make Between Phoenix And Sedona.

Driving around Arizona is one of the best feelings ever, especially for a tourist, who gets the chance to tour the city from a close range.

Truly, it offers the best view!


The two-hour drive from Phoenix to Sedona is truly rewarding.

It offers an excellent view of the city’s cityscapes, saguaro-lined hills, stretches of desert brush, and a more amazingly, a cascade of red rocks, with each rock bigger than the next.

Who goes on a road trip without stops?

Now, that will ruin the fun!

A tour from Phoenix to Sedona will offer so many fascinating, amazingly beautiful, and fascinating places to see.

So, here are five places to stop between Phoenix and Sedona.


Where Should I Stop Between Phoenix And Sedona?

1.The Rock Springs Café

phoenix travel guide

This self-acclaimed ‘great wonder’ of Arizona is the oldest individually-owned restaurant in the Arizona state.

Rock Springs Café serves pies like no other, in the whole of Arizona.

A bite will convince you!

Check out their banana cream, key lime, blueberry, apple, cherry, apple bourbon, pecan, rhubarb, pecan, and anything yummy in between.

While on that trip from Phoenix to Sedona, do not fail to pull over and grab some delicious slice of pie and a cup of coffee.

You’d be glad you did.

Their café is open every day between 7 am to 10 pm.


2. Stop By Arcosanti

phoenix travel guide

On your way to Sedona from Phoenix, stop by Arcosanti.

Arcosanti is a community built on the concept of arcology. It is a community, that was developed in 1970 by the renowned Italian architect Paolo Soleri. The structure is rounded in form, with geometric shapes, circular windows outlining the exterior walls with colors of rust, grey, and off-white.

It is an experimental city, more like a work in progress.

Quite interesting!

This place welcomes over 50,000 visitors on a tour yearly, either for an overnight stay or for classes on arcology.

You should stop by too.

Arcosanti is open every day between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.

For an hour tour, it will cost you 15USD, except you just wanna visit, that’s free.


3. See The Montezuma Castle  National Monument

phoenix travel guide

Still, wondering what high-rises looked like centuries back? Visit the Montezuma Castle National Monument for an answer.

Montezuma Castle National Monument is located 95 miles north of Phoenix along the road to Sedona.

Don’t let the name fool you, it is not a castle in the strict sense of the word.

However, the structure is one of the most preserved cliff dwellings in the whole of America.

History of the place dates back to the 12th century when the Sinagua tribe built the place as part of a larger community that they called home before they migrated to another area.

What remains of the place is a 20-roomed structure that is capable of containing several families at once.

Although no one goes into the place, a nice up-close view of the structure is all you’ll need.

The Montezuma Castle National Monument is your best place for more insight into Arizona’s past.

It opens up to visitors every day from 8 am to 5 pm.

A National Park Pass or a $10 bill will get you a peek of this monument.


4. Check Out The Cottonwood And Verde Valley Wine Trail

phoenix travel guide

The place spans over 450 square miles, of land, stretching through the small city called Cottonwood, just on the outskirts of Sedona.


5. See Jerome

phoenix travel guide

Ever heard of Jerome, the ghost town west of America?

Well, if you haven’t, now you do.

Jerome was one of the really rich cities in all of America back in the day.

It was the largest producer and exporter of gold, silver, copper in all of Arizona.

It used to be home to over 50,000 residents who made the town what it was then.

But not anymore, as today it is a ghost town in Arizona, with less than 500 residents.

However ghostly, the town still prides numerous museums, historical landmarks, ancient hotels, and bars.


Is Phoenix Safe to Visit?

If you are planning a vacation trip to Phoenix, and you are somewhat uncertain about your safety and probably asking: Is Phoenix Safe to Visit?

Here are some safety tips to guide you throughout your stay in Phoenix.

Phoenix has many titles, first as the capital of Arizona, second, as the most populated city in Southwestern America, and lastly, as the sixth-largest city in all of America.

Since its creation in 1871, it has slowly grown into the strong political, cultural, and commercial nerve center that it is today.

Phoenix is renowned among other things, for its thriving arts and growing support for museums and theaters.

Just like every other city, Phoenix isn’t perfect, it also has its fair share of challenges (security issues).

For instance, there are neighborhoods in Phoenix that do not have sidewalks or walkable areas.

But in all, it’s a great city!


So, back to your question: Is Phoenix Safe to Visit?


Although Phoenix is one of the choicest destinations for tourists and adventure seekers, it remains a major American city with its fair share of violence and criminal activities.

In the area of transport, Phoenix has many risks.

Red-light running is very common in the city than any other city in all of America.

You’d also find that in the city, drivers and generally motorists tend to over speed and tailgate.

While driving in the city, once the green light comes on, it is instructive to check and triple check for someone who might be entering the intersection from another direction.

This is a safety tip, you should take seriously while driving around the city.

just like in most cities, you will find pickpockets in Phoenix.

However, violent crimes are more rampant in Phoenix, than petty theft.

If you are looking to travel to Phoenix with your car, keep in mind that Phoenix has one of the highest car theft rates in the United States.

A car is stolen every 10 minutes, can you beat that?

That’s how unsafe it is to bring your car on a vacation to Phoenix.

Except, you can’t help it.

Natural disasters do occur in Phoenix.

It is also prone to natural disasters, like tornados, floods, and a lot more. Worrisome is the excessive heat that is occasioned by wildfires.

The rate of violent crime in Phoenix is on the high side.

While in the city stay clear of areas notorious for muggings, assaults, car thefts, rapes, and other related criminal acts.

Research properly and consult your travel agent for areas that are unsafe to stay in.

Safe for the insulated mass shootings, the city is free from terrorist attacks.

However, you advise that you exercise more caution and be alert to your surroundings.

Phoenix is free of con artists and scammers.

However, exercise caution when random people try to distract you or overcharge you on services.

Also, beware of how you expose your withdrawn cash around ATMs.


So, Is Phoenix Safe to Visit?

The truth is Phoenix can’t be said to be safe.

Although there are areas of the city that are safe to visit, yet there are still countless unsafe areas, that out-numbers the safe areas.

The state of Arizona ranks highest in identity theft and adult kidnappings, in all of the United States of America.


Fraudulent crimes and violence are huge problems in Arizona and by extension Phoenix.

Also, Phoenix has very lax gun laws, and that’d mean extra carefulness when dealing with the locals, you’d never know who’s carrying a gun.

While in the city avoid places like Maryvale, especially at night, as it has a bad reputation for theft and violent crimes.

While driving around the city, beware of careless drivers, Phoenix has plenty of them.

Be your self and do not be easily provoked, when you’re out.

Do not flaunt cash in the open, especially around beggars, as you may be putting yourself at the risk of being robbed.

Exercise precautions while moving about at night.


What Is There to See Between Phoenix and Sedona?

Here is a list of places to see between Phoenix and Sedona.


#1: The Montezuma Castle National Monument

phoenix travel guide

The Montezuma Castle National Monument is an 800-year old cliff located 26 miles south of Sedona. This cliff is one of the well-preserved in North America, with over 20 rooms.

Flag down a cab, and alight at 289 from I-17.

Or if you choose to drive, drive east for approximately 1/2 mile to a blinking traffic red light, take a left turn onto Montezuma Castle Road.

There, you have it!


#2: Stop By Firecreek Coffee Company

phoenix travel guide

Just on the outskirts of Sedona, en route from Phoenix in Oak Creek town, you will find a coffee shop named Firecreek Coffee Company.

Stop by for some coffee refill, and continue your trip later.

#3: Check Out Red Rock Crossing

phoenix travel guide

Red Rock Crossing is the most photographed place in all of Arizona.

This place offers beautiful views of Cathedral Rock, as well as a great picnic spot.

If you ever find one of those lovely photos of Sedona’s red rocks, this is the place it was taken.

All of it!

The ones foregrounded with water, with beautiful red rocks in the background.


#4: Do Lunch in Sedona

phoenix travel guide

Phoenix and Sedona offer so many awesome restaurants where you get well-prepared meals and sandwiches.

The Indian Gardens Cafe and Market, check all the boxes on that list.

They serve excellent sandwiches and salads, and espresso drinks.

Grab a bite here, and be in your way.


#5: Shop in Sedona

phoenix travel guide

En route to Sedona from Phoenix, you will find lots of shops flanking each side of the freeway in Sedona.

You should pull over and check out the shops overlooking the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

Read More about Sedona Travel Tips 


#6: Hike At The Oak Creek Canyon

phoenix travel guide

The Oak Creek Canyon and the West Fork Trail is one of the favorite places to hike, for most tourists in Arizona.

Surrounded by the beautiful Sedona canyon walls, you could hike all day long, except you decide to go on on your next tour location.

Also, you will find an old deserted home made out of rocks, and a small cave built into each side of the red rocks.

Be sure to find plenty of blackberries and a bridge that crosses a river.


Is there anything you think we missed out in this Phoenix Travel Guide?

Share with us!

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