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hong kong travel tips

It is normal for first-time travelers to ask for Hong Kong travel tips.

Indeed most of them are elated about their trips, but are unclear about a lot of things from visa information, to the language, accommodation, shopping options, transport and a host of other useful travel tips.

So, here are tips for your Hong Kong travel plan! going for the first time? Let’s help you with useful Hong Kong Travel Tips.

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1. Bring international debit cards

hong kong travel tips

Travel rules for Hong Kong have changed and it is important that we arm you with the right information before you set out on that getaway to Hong Kong.

The new travel rules became operational from January 23, 2019, and it says visitors of Indian origin must apply for and effectively complete their keep online pre-arrival registration on time, so as to continue to enjoy the 14day free visit to Hong Kong.


2. Arrive Early For The Transfer

hong kong travel tips

This is another useful Hong Kong travel tip.

Arrive on time for the shuttle transfer at the Hong Kong International Airport, this is because the driver will only wait for ten minutes for Seat-in-Coach (SIC) transfers.

Also for private transfers, the driver will only wait for twenty minutes.

Private transfers run any time from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm each day.

Also keep in mind that if you miss your 5:00 transfer, you will have to arrange a cab for yourself.

One thing you should also know is that Seat-In-Coach services in Hong Kong begin exactly from 7:00 am up till 9:00 pm every day.

And if it happens that you missed your shuttle, well no worries, you just have to wait for the next one.

You should also take note of the gate number indicated on your voucher.


3. Bring Your Documents

hong kong travel tips

This advice is the same for all travels.

You should always bring original copies of your passport, flight tickets, and the contact of your travel agent.

Bring two passport photographs, the one that has a clear picture.

Bear in mind that it is required for visa documentation on your arrival at the airport.

And ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months with blank pages for signature and stamps.


4. Shop Smartly

hong kong travel tips

Once you are in Hong Kong, you will see shops in almost every available space in the city.

If you love shopping, then Hong Kong is your best place.

useful travel tips. The city offers a variety of goods and shopping places.

You should also know many department stores in Hong Kong have price tags visibly pasted on items, this means the prices are fixed and the attendant cannot give a discount.

But if you don’t find price tags visibly pasted on items, you can haggle a little.

And if you are an art lover, check out the commercial art galleries around Wyndham Street, Sheung Wan, and Hollywood Road.

They market artworks of Chinese and other Asian artists.

check out the mini-malls in Tsim Sha Tsui. There you can buy fashionable things which include clothes, jewelry, footwear, etc which are often sold at a very cheap rate.

Check out the Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui and Cheung Sha Wan along the Sham Shui Po road.

They have clothes at cheaper rates there!

Then go-ahead to explore the street markets on Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei and Tung Street in Mong Kok.


5. Book Accommodation Beforehand

hong kong travel tips

This is one of the useful Hong Kong travel tips in 2020.

Accommodation issues in Hong Kong usually take the greatest chunk of travel budgets, this means you must do your homework well.

So, this is one of the important Hong Kong travel tips.

If you are on a budget travel plan to Hong Kong, then your best bet is a guest house.

(image of a guest house)

No worries about the comfort and hygiene conditions, because the guest houses are clean, comfortable, and air-conditioned.

Guesthouses are always safe! One thing you should know, so no need to be scared.


6. Get A Tourist Octopus Card

hong kong travel tips

Hong Kong has the most advanced transport networks in world-public and private transport.

So, visitors have plenty of options to get around.

In other for you to get better offers of the tourist octopus card, then feel free to get it at the airport 7-Eleven store or those On-loan Octopus points near the exit.

Tourist Octopus card is the maximum handy manner to pay for your journey fees in Hong Kong.


7. Learn Some Cantonese Phrases

hong kong travel tips

Dear traveler, there are times when you have to negotiate for something or ask the way, and the local people do not speak fairly good English.

You need not be fluent in English when conversing with the natives.

Speaking slowly while interacting with them, will do the trick!

Just keep it simple!

You may also learn a few Cantonese phrases online before you pack your bags.

Here are two common phrases in Cantonese:

Hello “Néih hóu (pronunciation: Neyi Hou)”

Good Morning “jóusàhn (pronunciation: Sou San)”


8. Learn To Eat With Chopsticks

hong kong travel tips

Hong Kong is home to over 10,000 restaurants and street food vendors, who specialize in Cantonese dishes.

While there may be several other dining options for you, you will find some little differences that make a place seem foreign to you.

Always ensure to carry servet papers with you.

This is because many restaurants do not offer them.

Here’s a Hong Kong etiquette!

Always leave some remnants of food on your plate at the end of each meal.

It indicates that you were satisfied with the food and the host offered you enough to eat.

You should also learn to eat with chopsticks as the majority of the small restaurants do not offer forks.

In case I forgot tea is usually served unsweetened in many places.

So you can sweeten it to your own taste!


9. Keep ID’s In Different Place

While Hong Kong is one of the safest places to be, tourists should exercise caution and keep their stuff safe.

Be aware of your environment while walking the streets of Hong Kong.

Also, be alert and aware of people approaching you on the streets.

Foreigners and by extension tourists are most likely to be conned through foreign exchange and fake goods.

Use the safe in your hotel room to safeguard all your valuables.

And when carrying a wallet, ensure to keep your IDs separately so that you don’t lose them.


10. Using Airport Express


hong kong travel tips

If you are on a journey to Hong Kong from India or any place in the world, and you want ease with getting around without, then you should use Airport Express.

Airport Express Train is efficient and connects the airport to different cities in Hong Kong.

The good thing is the tickets can be purchases beforehand.

Now, here’s the kicker!

It offers free wifi!

So be assured of a comfortable and fun-filled travel experience.


What Should I Know Before Going to Hong Kong?

Here are six tips you should know before going to hong kong:

1. Learn the language

hong kong travel tips

Indeed Hong Kong is a big, complicated city.

And to get a full grasp of the Cantonese culture and language, you have to explore the outlying islands, new territories fishing villages.

In the major towns, you will find that most residents speak fairly good English.

So, learn the language, will help you socialize with the locals.


2. How to Get Around

hong kong travel tips

Hong Kong can be toured by public transit.

It is one of the efficient, cleanest, and affordable means of getting around the city.

Never forget to get an Octopus card!


3. How to Greet People

hong kong travel tips

A friendly “Joh sun” which means “good morning” is an easy phrase you need to learn.

Learning how to greet, have perks in his city


4. Pack Smart

For a Hong Kong trip, you should pack a lot of layers.

The weather is inconsistent.

You will absolutely need a suitable strolling shoe.


5. Blend in

hong kong travel tips

In Hong Kong, you are sure to find a flash of technicolor hair right alongside classically tailored suits and gleaming leather brogues.

If you want to shop at a cheaper price, skip the luxury chain stores and check out the local boutiques.


6. Eat Like The Locals

hong kong travel tips

A common challenge for most travelers to the city is how to maneuver the many bones in Chinese dishes.

But it is normally okay to place your bones without delay at the table at an informal restaurant.

No one’s looking!

Just eat!

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Do’s and Don’ts in Hong Kong? (Fully Listed)

For every travel destination, there are things to avoid–do’s and don’ts

So, here are do’s and don’t’s for Hong Kong.

• Take a less than thirty minutes Airport Express train from the airport into town. It’s more convenient, comfortable, and affordable! Included with free wifi!

• Do turn the teapot lid upside down or place it on top of the handle if you need a refill at any coffee shop in Hong Kong.

•Do not fail to signify to taxis that you would like to cross the harbor.

• Do not forget to take pictures of every place you visit, the foods you ate, the scenery and sights you saw.

They are usually meant for a lifetime memory!

• Do not feel afraid to carry a glass of wine about in the street.

• Do not stick your chopsticks straight into a bowl of rice, it is ominous.

• Don’t flag down cabs in case you see double yellow traces on the curb.

They only stop when there is a single line or none at all.



How Much Do I Need For a Week in Hong Kong 2020?

Whatever travel budget plan you are on, these tips will help you fit in your figure right.

No matter what your travel budget plan is, you should only spend about HK$1,085– 140 USD for a day while in Hong Kong.

Past Travelers have spent nearly HK$205 26 USD on food consistent per day and HK$55 7.04 USD on transportation. If you’re traveling as a couple the average hotel price is usually  HK$959 124 USD. So, basically a tour to Hong Kong for two persons in one week will cost approximately HK$15,189 $1,959USD.

The average daily cost for one person: HK$1,085

The average cost per cost for a week: HK$7,594

The average cost per person for 2 weeks: HK$15,189

The average cost for one month per person: HK$32,547



In this post, I have been able to point out Hong Kong travel tips that will guide you for that amazing trips.

We hope you find these Hong Kong travel tips useful! Let me know in the comment section below.

Have fun!

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