11 CANCUN TRAVEL TIPS You Must Know Before Visiting

by Gluxxy
Cancun travel tips

Here We Have Complied Cancun Travel Tips — All the Information You’ll Need Before You Go On That Trip to Cancun.

Cancun, Mexico has all the fascinating views, jaw-dropping turquoise waters, white sand that’s just like powdered sugar, with delicious fresh seafood. The city is just alluring!

Wanna see Cancun? No hassles, because there are direct flights from every major city, and for accommodation options, Cancun offers a plethora of hotels; from romantic adults; to only boutiques; kid-friendly all-inclusive resorts; and a wide range of restaurants at various price points.

This means travelers with different travel budgets can visit the popular city with ease and affordably too.

So whether you’re looking for a fitting destination where you can host your honeymoon, or a family reunion, a girlfriend getaway. Whatever your travel plan is, we got you covered!


This article will cover all your Cancun travel tips, basically, all you need to know before that getaway to Cancun.


Let’s go!


11 CANCUN TRAVEL TIPS You Must Know Before Visiting

1. Cancun is a tourist-friendly location

Cancun travel tips

Travelers visiting from other continents and countries need not worry about how to communicate with the local people in Cancun, or access to their home comforts like snacks or medicines, and generally about their traveling ease.

Cancun is extremely friendly to travelers and adventurers who have come to explore their land.

Cancun city saw almost six million travelers from across the globe in 2016, and trust me, the number is sure to rise, so it goes to say that Cancun largely caters to several English-speaking visitors from all around the world.

Most Cancun locals and hotel staff speak fairly good English. So, no stress about conversing with the locals.

Cancun prides a barrage of hotels and bars, which is a downside for many travelers, but for some others, they love the allure and easiness of Cancun.


2. Cancun Couldn’t Have Been Any Safer

Cancun travel tips

The usual question we get from most backpackers — Is Cancun safe? Truly is, although certain areas of Mexico have long held a reputation for being unsafe, and many resorts around the city have largely avoided violence, Cancun had a rise in murders in 2017.

However, these murders were gang-related and that notwithstanding, the U.S. Department of State issued a Level 2 travel warning, which means travelers visiting the city should exercise extreme caution while in the area.

The warning goes thus “Although a majority of these homicides seem targeted — criminal organization assassinations — turf battles between criminal organizations have resulted in violent crimes in such areas frequented by citizens of the United States of America.”

So here’s the caveat, as long as visitors and tourists alike stick to the popular areas and exercise some caution, Cancun remains totally for travel.

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3. Cancun is not all about the partying

Cancun travel tips

Cancun has a reputation for rowdy bachelor/bachelorette groups indulging in all-inclusive drinks at the swim-up bar earlier than heading to nightlife spots which include Senor Frogs or Coco Bongo.

No doubt about that, there are really booze-loving travelers partying all night long in Cancun, but the city also has honeymooners, traveling families with young children, wedding ceremonies, and other low-tone adventure seekers who are keener in low-key beach time than a margarita all the time.

Good thing is, Cancun has dozens of hotels ready to cater to each type of traveler, so every type of tourist can create their own vacation that is suited to their taste.


4. Hotel Zones Offer Less Cultural Feel

Cancun travel tips

The chain outlets and large English-speaking resorts in the Hotel Zone do such a good job of making travelers feel at home that the area is largely absent from local culture.

Colorful signage, Caribbean views, and a few nearby eateries serving nearby and seafood dishes offer sufficient Mexican attraction for a few travelers, however the ones wanting A greater true revel in ought to stick with downtown Cancun or less-evolved locations withinside the Riviera Maya which includes Akumal or Puerto Morelos.

These areas are if you’re looking to get the cultural feel of Cancun.


5. Caribbean seashores have a sturdy undertow.

Cancun travel tips

Cancun has some of the most jaw-dropping beaches around Mexico, with large expanses of powdery white sand and butting turquoise waters.

After bathing in the hot Mexican sun for a bit, you’d need to cool off with a dip in the ocean, but caution is needed due to the strong undertow and rough surf.

Thankfully, Mexico has a flag system to alert swimmers on water conditions– green signifies the water is safe for swimming; a yellow flag means apply caution while swimming and red definite means dangerous conditions, and a black flag simply says do not swim.


6. Tap Water is Unsafe

Cancun travel tips

Most travelers probably know this rule, but it’s actually an important one– Don’t drink the tap water.

Tap water is not safe for drinking in Cancun, because it could be harboring parasites and very lethal bacteria, and non-locals are recognized to be vulnerable to getting ill from the non-filtered water.

To avoid getting sick on vacation, stick to filtered bottled water; free at most resorts, and also decline drinks with ice if you’re unable to confirm whether it has been filtered.

If you find Ice that’s in the shape of a cylinder with a hole in the center, be rest assured it is purchased from a purified ice factory.

But to be on the safe side, use bottled water even for brushing your teeth.

In addition, beware of raw food like salads and fruit, as they are most likely to contain bacteria. You don’t wanna get sick on a trip now.


7. Hurricane Occurs in Cancun

Cancun travel tips

Cancun and Mexico’s hurricane season occurs between June through November, with the highest risk of strong storms between August and October.

Because these months often experience fewer travelers and its attendant lower rates, tourists are most likely to visit Cancun during this time.

Many weather experts highly recommend travel insurance for those planning to visit Cancun during the hurricane season.

The last two hurricanes in Cancun were the Gilbert hurricane in September 1988 and the Wilma hurricane in October 2005.


8. Do Day Trips for More Cultural Feel

Cancun travel tips

Though the Hotel Zone in Cancun surely lacks authenticity. The downtown part of Cancun promises to make up for it, with a wonderful dose of local culture situated in nearby spots suitable for day trips.

Looking to find souvenirs? There are lots of colorful handicrafts–from silver jewelry to ceramic bowls, embroidered dresses, and so many crafts you can find. You’ll easily find them downtown (Mercado 28 or Mercado 23). They are both excellent flea markets with local vendors

In addition, there are numerous day trips from Cancun for real adventure seekers who’d love to explore places like Mayan ruins, the refreshing swimming holes, or (cenotes) and eco-parks like Xcaret in Playa del Carmen.

Also, Chichen Itza ruins are very popular and they are located two-and-a-half-hour drive inland, while you’ll find the much smaller ruins of Tulum at the seaside. Several cenotes are found in the area, and frequented options include Ik Kil; close to Chichen Itza and Selvatica, within an hour’s drive of Cancun.


9. Hotels in Cancun run the gamut

Cancun travel tips

Hotels in Cancun run the gamut, so for all budget resort-seekers and well-heeled travelers looking to splurge, be sure you’d find a place to suit your pocket.

You’ll find most value properties and hostels in downtown Cancun, whereas the luxury options are found in the Hotel Zone or satellite areas like Playa Mujeres.


10. Cancun uses U.S. dollars & Pesos.

Cancun travel tips

Most eatery, motels, and taxis in Cancun do accept U.S. dollars, but to avoid an uptick in price, use pesos.

For paying in Pesos, you’ll be getting change, so better to stick to one currency. You can also convert dollars to pesos at a local bank before your trip to Cancun, that way you will get the best exchange rate, but if you’re unable to do that prior to your trip to Cancun, get pesos from an ATM.

Hotels or airport vendors often offer such services at a high exchange rate, the worst you can get in the market.

In Cancun, credit cards are universally accepted everywhere except for street vendors and cabs but note that you may have to pay a foreign transaction fee.

Don’t forget to notify your bank before traveling to avoid being stranded with no cash as a result of a frozen card or account.

It is also ideal to carry some cash in case something happens to your debit or credit card.


11. Taxis are expensive-buses are cheap

Cancun travel tips

Taxis in Cancun are expensive and they are not metered and All comply with a hard and fast price, which includes 900 pesos ($45) from Playa del Carmen to Cancun’s Hotel

A trip from Cancun International Airport to the Hotel Zone with taxis, costs 450 pesos or 26 USD, whichever way. And because taxis are very expensive, most travelers opt for local bus transportation, which for them is quire reliable, frequent, and affordable.

Hotels also help visitors know where to get picked up and dropped off, and it usually costs 12 pesos; less than 1USD to commute between the Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun.

Uber is currently inactive in Cancun after it was banned.


Do’s And Don’ts in Cancun

Cancun is a choice spot for so many reasons. Aside from being a hotspot for young booze-loving travelers.

When it involves excursion, vacation, or holiday time, it’s far a favored vacation spot for an all Inclusive form of trip.

Arguably, it is one of the most affordable destinations that provide all of the above experiences– Cancun, Mexico.

Nevertheless, travelers must beware. Don’t forget you’re visiting a city in Mexico. And this is because of the massive tourism in the area.

Cancun, no doubt offers a unique experience for every type of traveler.

From its top resorts to the jaw-dropping and beautiful beaches, Cancun is definitely a worthwhile trip.

Here, in this section of the article, we will be discussing the do and don’ts in Cancun.

We offer these tips with hopes of making your Cancun travel experience an unforgettable one.


Without further ado, let’s delve right in!

Below are the do’s and don’ts while visiting Cancun.


Do’s in Cancun

• Bring U.S. Dollars/Pesos


Before visiting Cancun you need to know that both Pesos and the U.S. are accepted means of exchange in Cancun.

And don’t forget to exchange the money beforehand, prior to your departure.

This is because airports and hotels in Cancun are definitely not the best places to exchange currencies due to the lowered rate.

So, it’s best to exchange your local currency at your local branch before arriving at Cancun.

Either way, both currencies are accepted in Cancun.

You should also avoid using electronic cards because these fees are quite hefty.

Overall, bringing converted cash is certainly the best option.


• Use Buses


Once in Cancun, there’s no reason to use a taxi anymore. Hotels there, offer buses as transportation means. The good news is… these bus rides are absolutely free of charge.

You can also use bus transportation when entering the city. With their own lanes, you’re sure to arrive at your destination in the nick of time. So you see, buses are the way to go!

More interesting is the fact that their cost is ridiculously cheap- just a couple of dollars. While opting for a cab will require five-times the price.

So, if you’re looking to save money while having fun, you should plan on making the smartest choice — bus transportation.


• Do Beaches


One of the reasons, Cancun is the choicest destination for most travelers is the beautiful beaches. The beach is definitely a big part of the trip.

However, you need to be protected from the strong sun. Sunblock is a must here, in Cancun beaches.

The beaches offer so much; whether or not it’s simply enjoyable by chilling at the water shores or taking part in different activities going on at the beach.

Be sure to find resort animators, who keep the party going during the day with an exercise group or a game of volleyball along with various other activities lined to give visitors a time of their lives, while in Cancun.

The beaches in Cancun are a must for any traveler when visiting Cancun.


• Leave Tips

This friendly rule applies to almost all resorts worldwide. But here in Cancun, leaving extra tips can go a long way.

Bear in mind that those workers at the resort make most of their money through tips given by visitors.

So for that reason alone, the service can improve dramatically, just by tipping a waitress or staff a couple of dollars or Pesos.

This comes highly recommended when in Cancun. Tips lead to excellent service and that works the same for almost everyone around, including the room cleanup crew.

By simply leaving a couple of dollars, be sure to get the ideal cleanup, plus a fully stocked mini-bar on the regular

So be generous, share a little!

It won’t go unrewarded!


Do Clubs/Bars & Restaurants

In Cancun, it’s always fun to stay at the resort. However, you should explore other parts of the city.

Cancun prides lots on restaurants, bars, and clubs, bars for every age group, and category of traveler. So, it now depends on what interests a traveler.

If you’re looking for the upscale classy-style sort of thing, be sure to find many high-end restaurants. So you can enjoy both a meal or a beverage, depending on your choice.

And if you’re just looking to have a good time, there are a variety of bars and nightclubs to cater to your needs.

Plus, the nightlife won’t fall short of your expectations.


• Visit Resorts

If you’re one to fancy more of a mature audience than a rowdy, party frenzy environment, then you should do more of resorts than downtown Cancun.

Cancun offers a variety of resorts with over eighteen years of experience in the hospitality business.

So be sure you will get quality service with all the peaceful ambiance that goes with it.

In addition, some Cancun resorts offer tourists unlimited access to VIP areas be it a lounge or a bar area. You can also find some quiet sections at the resort to relax and collect your thoughts.

So, if you’re not a booze-loving traveler and partying isn’t your thing either, no worries Cancun has more than enough variety suitable for each category of traveler.


• Meet New People

If meeting new people is your top priority then Cancun is definitely ‘it.’

Truth is, you may forget that you’re in Mexico due to all the tourists.

There, you can easily find other travelers from the US, Canada, and various parts of Europe. And forming a close bond can easily take place when in Cancun.

Whether it be on the resort or off of it in the downtown area, meeting new people can be really easy. If you try!


• Visit The City

Staying at the resort can be relaxing.

However, you won’t get that authentic Cancun to feel just by staying at the hotel alone.

With so many travelers, it can be easy to forget that you’re in Mexico.

For you to enjoy the vacation you can make it a point to create an itinerary with some tourism hot spots.

This may include a visit to the stunning El Rey Archaeological Zone.

Other attraction areas include the Underwater Museum, Isla Contoy, Xcaret Park, and oh, so many more destinations that will make your Cancun experience unforgettable.


• Do All-Inclusive Resort

Another ‘do’ for Cancun is booking an all-inclusive resort.

Some vacationers would possibly have concerns and instead, choose a motel or apartment-sort of the establishment.

You won’t get the all-access benefits from that.

Rather reserving all-inclusive can offer pretty much the whole lot from beaches, pools, numerous restaurants, buffets, and such a lot of on-sight sports each day and nightly.

The beauty of all of this is not having to use a single dollar aside from tips.

It’s all included and all just a couple of steps away from your room!


• Do Book Excursions On The Resort

Booking an excursion is a must when in Cancun. This is what separates a good trip from a great one.

Memories created on such activity can last for a lifetime whether it be swimming with the dolphins or going zip-lining with a fellow traveler.

when booking, it is important to do so at the resort because you can find agents at the resort or you can do that through a representative at the hotel.


That’s about all the Do in Cancun.


Now, here’s the Don’ts you should avoid while in Cancun.

• Don’t Bring Electronic Credit Cards

Some locations in Cancun accept electronic credit cards, however, it is quite rare. So if you opt for this form of currency, be ready to accept some serious transaction charges on the use or electronic credit cards.

Also, some ATM machines in Cancun can charge up to 20 USD for just a couple of hundreds you withdraw. You see why you must avoid this.

Like we have always said, bringing cash is the best option. You can bring a credit card to forestall any eventuality. There you’d be given a room safe for all your valuables. Sounds cool right?

So, you can securely put away your card in the secure vault. And they’d be no worries of theft whatsoever!


• Don’t Use Taxis

For just a ride worth a dollar or two with a bus, will rip you off about 20USD with a taxi.

And if you’re not careful, this can be the reality of a Cancun trip. Drivers in Cancun do not have a flat fee or meters like is obtainable with taxis in other places.

If you don’t plan on taking a cab, be sure to ask for the price before the ride begins.

At other times, it’s okay to haggle a bit. You should not accept the first fee offered.

Drivers are usually open to dropping a price if you know how to negotiate.

Another reason not to use taxis is that taxis get stuck in traffic most of the time, while buses have their own lanes(hence moves faster).

So, you see a bus is not only cheaper but ideal for timesaving as well.


• Don’t Keep A Low Profile At The Resort

The wonderful experience or otherwise of any trip, much less Cancun, lies in the quality of hotel staff.

Cancun has got a variety of awesome hotels and the staff. Although that depends on the resort.

However what can ensure you have a  great time is a positive attitude, plus building friendships with some of the staff at the resort.

Once in Cancun create an unforgettable experience for yourself!

Cancun is usually known for such awesome treatment. Make it a point during the next Cancun trip to be seen and heard. Socialize and make friends with other travelers and local people.

It can lead to lots of great luxuries!


• Don’t Buy Bottled Water in Hotels

There really is no reason to purchase bottled water unless you’re away from your hotel room.

Even if that be the case, you can easily carry the water bottle provided you in the hotel room.

So, basically, when going on a Cancun all inclusive vacation you don’t need to buy a water bottle or any beverage for that matter.

That’s exactly why it’s called it an “all-inclusive vacation.”

Everything expenses are included which includes water and other beverages.


• Don’t Lose Your Resort Bracelet

Security at most Cancun resorts tends to be of the utmost quality. Walking into a resort, you are sure to find the security waiting by the door.

For you to enter the hotel you must endeavor to put on your bracelet If not, just about anyone would be able to walk into the resort and indulge on all the goodness.

For that reason, the hotel staff is usually strict when it comes to the bracelets. It is important that you don’t lose your hotel bracelet for any reason.

It can cause a serious headache with the hotel crew, plus an added charge you will be made to pay, and trust me, you won’t be thrilled to pay it.

In most cases, travelers have had to lose over 40 USD just to replace a lost bracelet.


• Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

We addressed this earlier. Haggling a little isn’t such a bad thing in Cancun.

If you’re planning to save a few bucks, you might need to negotiate some more on a price with a salesman. And this does not only apply to cabs, it applies to just about everything worth negotiating.

You’ll find various merchants selling their goods on the beach.

And most cases, you may turn out to be with double the amount on the preliminary asking fee for one.

ofofNow the hotel itself generally has set prices, however, a tourist can sincerely debate a fee withinside the city.

So, the rule is never settled for the first price. There is always room for negotiation, and a little haggle isn’t bad!


• Don’t Exchange Money At Hotel/Airport

We briefly addressed this earlier.

The accepted money in Cancun is Pesos and the U.S. dollars.

So don’t leave the exchange until you arrive at your destination, because Cancun hotels and airports offer a poor return system.

You might lose out on lots of extra money by making the exchange anywhere in Cancun.

Rather, change the money beforehand, to Pesos or the US currency.

An exchange rate at a local boutique or bank can make all the difference in some extra dollars being spent.

There simply isn’t any factor in doing any other case and no upside either.


• Don’t Drink The Water

The drinking-water in Cancun isn’t as bad as other destinations down South and some hotels might make the claim that it’s safe.

However, it’s best to stick to bottled water as the safest option.

Just as we hinted earlier, at resorts the bottled water is constantly replaced in the mini-fridge.

Not to worry as the ice is also properly purified and deemed as safe.

Always remember to fill up your bottle with drinking water in other to sustain you under the rays for an entire day, hydration becomes a vital key for a traveler’s well-being.

In any case, make sure that your water comes from a sealed bottle of water provided in your hotel room.


• Don’t Get Flustered At The Airport

First-time travelers booking a Cancun trip might get overwhelmed at the very start of the experience.

Lots of vacationers generally tend to get flustered after claiming their bags.

The airport is filled with workers trying to sell insurances, rented vehicles, excursions and so much more.

This can make the experience a stressful one early on.

However, you can avoid all the hassle, by simply saying “no gracias.”

Hotel staff is generally on sight ready with your name written down to inform you which bus you belong to this will take you directly to your resort.


Is it Safe to Travel to Cancun Right Now?

Just like we said earlier, the crime rate seems to have risen.

So even though things could be a little bottle unsettled, it doesn’t influence the protection of tourists in Cancun.

These violent crimes and occasions have placed lots of human beings off journeying Cancun and formally there have not been any travel advice warnings from the UK, along with other governments, warning tourists about visiting this area of Mexico.

These episodes do not occur where you’d envision them to occur, like on the shore or something horrible.

They’re happening in distant regions of the city and countryside, where you probably won’t be moving anyway.
You’ll probably be with everyone else across the 14 miles of shore.

Generally, Cancun doesn’t find the degree of drug-related violence in different areas of Mexico.

The cartels understand tourism is a major business and they don’t want to do anything to affect income.

Other Cancun safety things to be aware of, that are not human-related but more because of Mother Nature, is that the weather!

The rainy season in Cancun goes from June to November, which may bring cloudy skies, heavy rains, and some flood.

If you see Cancun during these off-season months make certain that you keep your eye on the weather.

Rain days occur but generally, it’s only for a couple of hours maybe not all day.


There! You have it! Your Cancun Travel Tips.


Have fun!

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