10 NEW ZEALAND TRAVEL TIPS A Must Know Before Visiting

by Gluxxy
New Zealand travel tips

Are you a traveler who is ready to explore New Zealand? Well, Gluxxy got you covered because in this post we will enlighten you more on all you need to know about New Zealand travel tips.

Every traveler who wasn’t born in this part of the world wants to visit this South Pacific destination-New Zealand-in their lifetime.

But obviously planning a New Zealand trip isn’t an easy thing, considering the fact that this South Pacific country is far removed from other countries of the world.

How do you have unforgettable travel experience in this popular vacation destination?

Be rest assured, that we would offer you useful travel tips for that New Zealand trip that’ll help make your vacation the best that it can be.

Clearly, there are a lot of things you will need to consider regarding your New Zealand travel, especially for first-timers!

This article offers New Zealand travel tips on accommodations and how best to explore this fascinating country.

Some of our tips are merely common-sense solutions to minor headaches usually encountered when planning and traveling to popular destinations, while others are smart ways of taking advantage of the uniqueness of this travel destination-New Zealand!

So, let’s delve right in…

For first-time travelers to New Zealand travel tips.

Indeed most of them are elated about their trips, but are unclear about a lot of things from visa information, to the language, accommodation, shopping options, transport, and a lot of other useful New Zealand travel tips.


So, here are tips for your New Zealand travel plan! Are you going to New Zealand for the first time? Let’s help you with useful New Zealand Travel Tips.


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10 New Zealand Travel Tips You Should Know

1. Book your accommodation early

New Zealand travel tips

We all know that New Zealand is gorgeous, which is why you chose to travel there in the first place.

New Zealand has some massive towns that may handily address massive tourism numbers withinside the top season, however a few of the high-quality herbal landmarks are positioned in smaller facilities with a confined range of lodge rooms.

So, it’s important you book early if you want to get the best offer.

You can use the help of travel experts to get the best accommodation which offers there for that New Zealand trip.

The importance of a travel expert cannot be overemphasized, their services will help you secure the best spot in this popular country like New Zealand.

You could also conduct a personal search for the best places at the best price through online sources.

Online sources like Expedia are incredible for finding such accommodation deals.

Also, if you’re looking to hire a car during your New Zealand trip, it’s also ideal to book that in advance.


2. Bring international debit cards

New Zealand travel tips

For your New Zealand trip, you’d need international credit and debit cards for paying for things and services while on your vacation.

You’ll find ATMs all around the country, even in shops.

Also, remember to bring some cash, it is very frustrating to be in a foreign place with no cash or a means to access cash.

Always inform your local bank of your travel plans, so that they do not deactivate your account for fear of fraudulent activities.


3. Arrive Early For The Transfer

New Zealand travel tips

This tip is particularly important if you’re traveling to New Zealand for the first time.

Arriving early at the airport for your flight helps to rule out any last-minute changes to your flight schedule.

In fact, it’s important to check and double-check your flight schedule with the airline authorities or your travel agent, few days prior to your departure date to avoid last-minute changes that may ruin your travel plans.

Also important, is the need to arrive at your hotel accommodation early, to enable you to settle in properly; probably nap for a while, before setting out for your tour of the destination.

For a memorable travel experience, always apply some sense of urgency to things.

It does pay off!


4. Bring Necessary Travel Documents

New Zealand travel tips

This advice is the same for all travels, but particularly useful to first-time backpackers.

You don’t want to arrive at the airport, to discover moments later that you had forgotten your important grave documents.

For all your travels, ensure to bring all the original copies of your passport, flight tickets, and the contact of your travel agent.

For visa documentation at the airport, upon your arrival, don’t forget to bring two passport photographs, with clear pictures.

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months with blank pages for signature and stamps.


5. Shop Smartly

New Zealand travel tips

Once you are in New Zealand, you will find things to shop for.

If you are a shopping freak, welcome to New Zealand!

Don’t forget the country offers a variety of goods and shopping places.

Many department stores here have price tags visibly pasted on items, which means they have fixed prices and the attendants cannot give a discount.

On the flip side, if you don’t find price tags visibly pasted on items, you can haggle a little for the best price.


6. Book Accommodation Beforehand

New Zealand travel tips

This is another New Zealand Travel Tips you should take note of.

Accommodation issues in New Zealand usually take the greatest chunk off travel budgets, this only means you have to do a well-research for the best accommodation options there, with the best rates at an affordable price.

For a first time visitor to New Zealand, this is one of the important travel tips, you should not ignore.

If you are on a budget travel plan to New Zealand, then your best bet is a guest house.

No worries about the comfort and hygiene conditions, because the guest houses are clean, comfortable, and air-conditioned.

Just what you need at a fairly good price!

Here, guest houses are always safe!

That’s what you should know, so no need to worry so much about safety concerns.


7. Get A Tourist Octopus Card

New Zealand travel tips

New Zealand has one of the highly advanced transport networks in the world – public and private transport.

So, visitors have plenty of options to get around.

For better offers on the tourist octopus card, get it at the airport.

Tourist Octopus card is the maximum handy manner to pay for your travel expenses in New Zealand.


8. Just Eat

New Zealand travel tips

New Zealand is home to tons of restaurants and canteens, specialized in international cuisines.

While there may be several other dining options for you, here you will find some little differences that make the place seem a little foreign to you.

It’s all part of the New Zealand thrill!

Eat and drink to your heart’s feelings, here!


9. Keep Your ID’s Safe

New Zealand travel tips

While New Zealand is one of the safest places to be, tourists should exercise caution and keep their personal stuff safe.

Be aware of your environment while walking the streets of New Zealand.

Also, be alert and aware of people approaching you on the streets, especially at night, that’s if you have to go out at night alone.

Foreigners and by extension tourists are most likely to be conned during vacation trips.

When carrying a wallet, ensure to keep your IDs separately so that you don’t lose them.


10. Use Airport Express

New Zealand travel tips

If you are in New Zealand, and you want ease with getting around, then you should use rented cars.

Car rental services are an efficient way to tour New Zealand.

The good thing is that you can go on solo tours and tour the off-beaten-paths!


What Is The Best Way To Travel Around New Zealand?

While there isn’t a one size-fits-it-all what of traveling around New Zealand, it mainly depends on your interests and the sort of travel experience you are looking for.

Here are the highlights of each transportation option, as well as its challenges.

So, for the best way to travel around New Zealand, see the tips below:


1: Bring Your Own Car

New Zealand travel tips

Are you planning to go on a backpacking trip for long in New Zealand?

Then bringing your own car gives you the ultimate freedom to tour New Zealand independently and uninhibitedly.

Car tours are a convenient way of getting around New Zealand.


2: Use Car Rentals

For shorter trips in New Zealand, renting a car is the best way to travel to the country.

While there are many car rental agencies in the country, picking a company might be a hard choice to make.


3: Get A Camper Van

New Zealand travel tips

If you are looking to spend a long time in New Zealand and you want to always have a place to stay, then consider getting yourself a camper van

Of course, it requires more maintenance than a car would, as you will need to look after your amenities.

However, by freedom camping at cheap campsites, you will save a significant amount of money on accommodation expenses.


4: Rent A Camper van

New Zealand travel tips

For the best outdoor experience and saving a little on accommodations while on a New Zealand trip, rent a campervan.

Campervan leases are available in a massive type of size and facilities, in addition to charge ranges.

If you want to camp anywhere for free, then you need a camp van that is certified self-contained.


5: Travel With National Coach

New Zealand travel tips

Using the National coach service is one of the best ways to travel around New Zealand.

The service offers cheap inter-city bus tickets to and fro major towns and cities in New Zealand making it one of the best ways of traveling around New Zealand.

There are options to get bus passes to save a bit of cash if you use the bus network a lot.


6: Do Bus Tours

Bus tours follow set routes around the country, and they are a stress-free way of traveling around New Zealand within a short period of time.

They are usually all-inclusive with accommodation and dining options, plus activities included.

It is another great way of traveling with like-minded people while your travel plan is sorted for you as you travel around New Zealand.


7: Hop-On Hop-Off Buses

New Zealand travel tips

Just like bus tours, hop-on-hop-off buses follow set routes, and passengers can hop off at most locations for as long as they want and catch another bus much later.

It is another flexible version of bus tours with accommodation options plus suggested activities.


8: Use Trains

you can also use trains as one of the best ways in exploring New Zealand, despite it has limited departures but it still helps to make that journey cool.


9: Use Flights

With around 25 domestic airports connected by flights in New Zealand, plane travel is certainly an option and one of the best ways to get around New Zealand.

Planes are usually quick and cost-effective in traveling long distances — between the North Island and South Island.

However, they are more expensive for traveling short distances.

So, they are only ideal for traveling long distances and getting around New Zealand.

What Is The Best Time To Visit New Zealand?


#1: Travel in the Spring or Fall

New Zealand travel tips

if you want to travel when the weather is great and the crowd is less, then you should travel to New Zealand in the spring or fall.

You’ll find fewer crowds in the peak season, in touristy areas in New Zealand.

However, in the shoulder seasons of the Spring of Fall, the crowds are noticeably smaller, and the prices cheaper.

Also, hotels and restaurants in New Zealand are cheaper in the spring or fall, and that’s always a bonus when traveling to a popular country like New Zealand.

The moderate temperatures in New Zealand are great for outdoor activities, as there are is no summer heat to wipe you out.

Bear in mind that New Zealand is a country of outdoor activities, so planning more outdoor activities is a great way to explore the country.

In New Zealand both spring and fall have their particular highlights.

In the spring, you will find cute baby lambs pasturing around Christ church and Dunedin.

While in the autumn, the areas around Queenstown and Christ church explode into brilliant yellows and reds lights.

Spring and fall are gorgeous in New Zealand, so combining the great sights with the more affordable prices makes traveling in a shoulder season a smart choice to make.


#2: Travel in Winter

If you’re planning a budget trip and want to get cheap rates for your New Zealand trip, then consider traveling to New Zealand in the winter.

Winter is always a low season in New Zealand, which means you’ll be competing with fewer tourists for hotel accommodations and places to see.

Also, hotel prices are much lower during winter, when compared to trips to other countries in Northern America.

You won’t find anything nearly as cold as winter on the Canadian Prairies in New Zealand.

Traveling in winter also offers you the best view of New Zealand’s mountainous landscape.

The snowcapped mountains are incredible for photo lovers, and they’re also great for skiing and snowboarding.

But, if winter sports aren’t your thing, you can explore New Zealand’s incredible wine culture and relax in front of a fireplace with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

One of New Zealand highlights includes seeing the Southern Lights during winter.

So, If you’ve always wanted to see this marvel for yourself, winter season is the ideal time for that!

For wildlife enthusiasts, head over to Kaikoura on the South Island to see the baby seals born in the winter months.

The sight is always a fascination!


Things To Do and See In New Zealand


1: Go Wine-Tasting 

New Zealand travel tips

If wine is your thing, be sure to get a good treat on your New Zealand vacation.

While New Zealand doesn’t produce much wine, but the one it does produce is ranked among the best in the world.

Particularly, the Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

At every turn in the country, you’ll find wine regions that you can explore.

The New Zealand climate is well-suited for wine-making, lots of sunshine, cool breeze, and a moderate climate are all ideal for growing grapes.

For the best wine experience in the country, head over to Marlborough or Queenstown.

Marlborough is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc wine, which is by all standards the best of its vintage in the world.

Queenstown on the other hand is surrounded by wine valleys and you could spend a few days exploring all the wineries and vineyards in the country.

The good news is New Zealanders always keep the best for themselves, which means you’re sure to get the best of the best wine.


#2: Savour the seafood

New Zealand travel tips

Savor the seafood!

That’s right!

Check out their kiwi food!

New Zealand offers tons of seafood since, at every turn in the country, there is an ocean nearby.

Also, if fishing is your thing, be sure you’ll be treated to some of the world’s best king salmon at the Mount Cook.

The Mount Cook guys serve salmon (seafood with the highest natural amounts of Omega 3 fats), so keep in mind that you’ll be filling yourself with lots of healthy nutrients while you indulge in New Zealand kinds of seafood.

Don’t forget to try the scallops, they are a big deal in New Zealand especially from October to March.

If you happen to find yourself in Coromandel in September, check out the Whitianga Scallop Festival for a taste of the country’s best seafood.

Taste the green-lipped mussels and paua; a New Zealand delicacy that’s served as a fritter that is kind of the Kiwi version of fish with chips.


#3: Go adventuring

New Zealand travel tips

In New Zealand, there’s never a dull moment.

New Zealand’s city of Queenstown is famous for its adventure, so for zip-lining, sky-diving,bungee-jumping lovers, head over to Queenstown.

Here’s a tip: plan your to-do and to-see lists ahead of that New Zealand trip beforehand.


#4: Head Over To Wellington

New Zealand travel tips

The incredible landscape of this New Zealand city might be the highlight of your trip.

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, and a visit to New Zealand, without a tour of the city, will be a great disservice to yourself.

It’s a town bustling with activity, and you’ll locate lots to maintain you occupied irrespective of what your pursuits are.

For history enthusiasts, head to Te Papa Museum!

For movie fans, check out the Weta Workshop for a studio tour.

A trip to Weta Workshop and a night at the Roxy Cinema should make your to-do list.


#5: See the sheepdog show

New Zealand travel tips

Every traveler knows that new Zealand is famous for its sheep.

We might even say, there are more sheep in the country than there are people.

Now, that was a joke!

The thing is when on your New Zealand trip, do not miss out on the iconic sheepdog show.

The sheepdog’s display oSee the sheepdog show ff their prowess via way of means of herding the sheep lower back into their pens.

If you don’t like dogs, the sheep-dog show will make you appreciate how intelligent and gorgeous the sheep-dogs are.


What Do I Need To Know Before Going To New Zealand?


Things to Know Before Going to New Zealand


#1. Prepare for Strict Customs Check

For a first time visitor, you might let your first impression of the customs at the airport affect your perception of the country.

Upon arrival, you will notice that they have a very strict customs check policy.

Even if you fill in for “nothing to declare” on your form, they will question you regardless and will likely have your luggage searched too.

This is particularly important if you are traveling with outdoor gear on your New Zealand trip.

Just make sure that your outdoor gear is thoroughly cleaned before you pack it.

Also, if you are packing food, ensure it is securely packed for easy identification.


#2. There Are No Predatory Animals in New Zealand

 For hikers looking to explore New Zealand, rest east, because there are no poisonous animals here.

Unlike in most countries where travelers would have to beware of the dangerous animals when they engage in outdoor activities, here in New Zealand, you can check this off of your worry list.

And yes!

There aren’t any snakes in New Zealand!

All you will find around the island is a horde of sheep and farm animals.


#3. December-February Are Summer Months Here

When planning your vacation to New Zealand keep in mind that, like all southern hemisphere countries, the seasons here are exactly the opposite of the weather in other countries within the northern hemisphere.

And the best time to visit, if you are looking to engage in lots of outdoor activities will be between the months of November to April.

During this summer months, December to February, you’ll find great weather and more crowds as well.

Or travel during off-summer months of November or April when the weather is great, with fewer crowds and cheaper rates.

If you’re looking to go skiing too, hit New Zealand up from June to August.


#4. Drive on the Left-Hand Side of the Road

Like many countries in the world, when in New Zealand, you should drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Before you visit just to make sure to learn all the basic rules of road usage and exercise extra caution when driving around the country.

If you’re uncertain, look at the traffic around you and get a feel of how other road users are driving.

In the big cities, there will be a lot of roundabouts, so be sure you know which direction to drive on them.


#5. Stay at Doc Sites or Holiday Parks

For most backpackers “freedom camp,” means you can camp anywhere you want in New Zealand.

Well, that’s not true.

Many lands in New Zealand are privately owned and cannot be camped on without permission from their owners.

However, there are lands you can camp on freely while in New Zealand, do your research well and you’ll find one.

Other great options for free camping exists in New Zealand.

Check out the Department of Conservation sites, you’ll find more primitive government-owned campgrounds, often located in very beautiful parts of the country.

The prices there range anywhere from free to lower, and the types of sites and rules vary per campground.

Another exquisite alternative is to live at installed centers regularly mentioned as “Holiday Parks.

Holiday parks cost between $20-$40, with lodging-showers, kitchens, etc.

You will find them all around New Zealand.


#6. Travel by Camper Vans

Traveling by camper van is one of the best ways of traveling around New Zealand.

The good thing is, you will be in good company as most of the vehicles are Range Rovers or camper vans.

Traveling by camper van is a popular way of touring the Northern and Southern Island, with tons of companies in New Zealand to rent campers from.

You’ll find traveling around New Zealand very easy with a super friendly company of other travelers.


#7. Go Hobbiton Evening Tours

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you probably have a tour of Hobbiton on your list of places to visit while in New Zealand.

There are heaps of day excursions that run thru the film set at Hobbiton.

However, for an extra-special evening tour with fewer crowds and a “Hobbit-like” feast, look to book a Hobbiton Evening Tour 4-6 months in advance of your trip.

These excursions replenish very speedily however are a truly particular manner to experience the Hobbiton Movie Set, particularly in case you are a massive fan.


#8. Internet Access Isn’t The Best Here

One of the things to know about New Zealand is that their internet access isn’t the best.

Many public places would say they have free Wi-Fi, but there are always issues with connection.

So, best to come prepared on your New Zealand trip, you can get a cell phone plan that allows you to use data there.


#9. Restaurants Here Serve Wonderful Meals

Restaurants in New Zealand offers the best fish and chips ever had in anyone’s travel life.

A bite will keep you raving for more fish and chips.

They also serve great coffee nearly everywhere you go in New Zealand.

Even if you are getting gas station or roadside café coffee, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Keep in mind that many restaurants and shops in the country close up earlier than is usual, so plan beforehand.


#10. Go Outdoor

The most amazing part about New Zealand is its captivating and diverse landscape.

Spend less time in the big cities and get out and explore the country!

There are activities for all kinds of adventurers.

You could go mountain biking all over the North and South Island.

You can hike some of New Zealand’s most well-known hikes such as the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on the North Island or the very popular Milford Track on the South Island.

You can also find places to rock climb, surf, kayak, and sail all over the islands.

Also, be sure to schedule a tour of the out-of-this-world glow worm caves in Waitomo.

And be sure to visit one of New Zealand’s many natural hot springs.


#11. Take A Scenic Tour Of The Country

There are lots of amazing scenic sights throughout New Zealand, and driving around the country is a great way to get that fascinating view of the country.

Don’t hesitate to visit unscheduled off-beaten-paths.

Take side stops to the towns of Tongaporutu and Mokau.


Other things to know before going to New Zealand…


#12. Currency-New Zealand dollars

Time zone-UTC+12 (UTC+13 in summer)

Country code- +64

Capital City- Wellington

Largest City: Auckland


Is New Zealand Expensive?

Are you a first-time visitor, looking to travel to New Zealand, but probably confused on the right budget for that trip?

Well, here’s how inexpensive or expensive, New Zealand is.

For a trip to New Zealand, you should plan on spending around NZ$183 ($121) per day.

That’s actually the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors.

Past travelers spend, NZ$42 (that is $27), on average, on meals per day and NZ$25 (i.e. $16) on transport.

The average hotel price in New Zealand for two persons is NZ$195 (i.e. $129), per day and NZ$2,557 (i.e $1,689) for a week.

Average Daily Cost – per person: NZ$183

One Week Cost – per person:  NZ$1,279

Two Weeks Cost – per person: NZ$2,557

One Month Cost – per person: NZ$5,480

One Week – couples: NZ$2,557

Two Weeks – couples: NZ$5,115

One Month – couples: NZ$10,960

Accommodation cost per person: NZ$97

double – occupancy room: NZ$195

Meals – per day: NZ$42

Water – per day: NZ$2.98

Transportation cost- bus,taxi,train: NZ$25

Entertainment – Entrance tickets show: NZ$51

Tips-guides/service providers: NZ$2.39

Intercity transportation: NZ$89

Alcohol-Drinks per day: NZ$17


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